Sevenzo is a non-profit whose mission is to mobilize and learn from a national community of educators who are taking action to create more caring, inclusive, and impactful learning environments for their students.

Belonging is Personal

The one thing you don’t know about a student could make all the difference. We know from research and personal experience that a student’s sense of belonging and safety in the classroom can be the gateway to their engagement and learning.

Whether it be the introverted student, the student who is dealing with trauma or grief of some kind, or the student who you just can’t seem to reach—we know that creating a classroom where every student feels seen, heard, and respected is top of mind for educators.

It is for these reasons that Sevenzo was founded in 2016. In Bantu, Sevenzo means “the communal effort required to make change.” It is this spirit that inspires and guides our work.

What We Do to Serve Educators

Educators like you are always looking for new ways to support students, but knowing where to begin can be a challenge. Like your students, you also need a safe space where you can connect with like-minded peers and stretch your practice. Traditional one-size-fits-all professional development isn’t always relevant to your students’ needs, and you don’t have time to hunt for something that might work for your students.

Sevenzo facilitates opportunities for educators to connect and learn, inspire one another, try impactful practices, and share what works—all with a focus on practices that foster student belonging in the classroom.

We provide a space where both what works, and how it works, can be discovered. Our experienced education and design team creates programming that puts educators in the driver’s seat. You can access research-based practices, connect and learn from other educators, and exchanges stories of what caring practices work in your classrooms.

Get involved with our community of educators in action. Participate in a discussion about a topic that matters to you. Try a practice to create a more caring classroom for your students. Read educators’ stories, and share your own to inspire others!

What We Believe

  • We are better together, and we can amplify our impact by connecting and sharing, rather than working in isolation.
  • Educators are natural learners and leaders, and deserve relevant opportunities to learn, share, and take action with peers.
  • Belonging matters for all students, and educators have it in their power to meaningfully connect with their students and create a safe and caring learning environment.

How We Work with Partners to Amplify Impact on Students

Sevenzo collaborates with research institutes, education organizations, and school systems to help educators learn what works and take action.


We partner with research institutes to translate evidence of what works into actionable, bite-sized practices that educators can try tomorrow.


We partner with education organizations to facilitate peer-led learning experiences that generate energy for action, build community, solve local programs and support practice implementation.

Capturing What Works

We partner with schools to learn from “bright spots,” capture impactful practices, and help systems move toward more teacher-led and practice-focused professional learning.

For an example of this work, read our case study of how Sto-Rox School District is implementing a teacher-led learning model in their district.

Our Board

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Lingo Ventures


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Mansfield Consulting


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Teacher Mobilizer

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Finance and Operations Consultant

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Hope Street Group

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Holy Family Academy in Pittsburgh, PA

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Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, KY

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Allegheny County Department of Human Services

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