Peer-to-Peer Learning in Sto-Rox

Capturing one district’s efforts to empower teachers to lead learning alongside their peers

In the spring of 2018, Sto-Rox School District piloted a new teacher-led professional learning format in an effort to help a cohort of 12 teachers effectively use new maker spaces within their school buildings. In partnership with Remake Learning, Sevenzo worked alongside Sto-Rox educators to capture their experience.

Sto-Rox learned valuable lessons through this early-stage implementation that may help other educators and school leaders consider how they might establish a teacher-led learning structure in their own school or district.

Download the case study to learn more.

Sevenzo is grateful to the Sto-Rox teachers and staff who opened their doors to let our community learn about the work they’re doing to revamp professional learning on behalf of students. We would also like to thank Remake Learning and the Next-Generation Professional Learning collaborative for their support of this case study.

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