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Ann Rose Santoro

Port Chester Public Schools


A Day Without Women

On March 8, 2017 The Women's March organizers have requested that we participate in "a Day Without Women". Many teachers cannot take the day off because their students need them. What if we asked students to imagine a school without women and girls?

The impact of this effort would allow students to be reflective and thoughtful about the impact women and girls have on our society and that we are equal members of our communities.

The implementation could be quite simple. Students could brainstorm ideas or act out a classroom setting without the women and girls. They could draw or create a video of a 'womanless" community. As a debrief, students could list the contributions of the women in their schools and come up with ways to be more mindful of treating women and girls equally. This would lead into discussing the importance of other marginalized groups and how we can apply this experience to creating a sense of belonging for all of us.

Boycotting on this day will have an impact, but for those of us who can't let's get kids to think and reflect on the importance of equality for all.


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