Noah Klein

Stuart Middle School


We have to fill in the gaps where they exist.

Many districts and schools have dedicated staff members who help students with significant needs. However, I want to give a shout out to Dr. Deborah Powers. She is helping me to create a small academy in my middle school for students who "don't have a home." These students include students who are in the foster system, have a parent in jail, or live with a non-parental guardian. She is helping to create a space where not only students learn through developmentally appropriate practices, but also are given case-by-case resources and aid so that every student feels safe and "at home."

Potential Impact

By using a case management style of helping kids, every student could have a specific, differentiated intervention to take away external factors that impede their educational experience. EVERY child can be empowered giving them a home- a safe place where they can learn because their needs are met.

Possible Implementation

We will be creating a small academy with specific staff training and increased access to community advocates. The students will build trust and family because they will be together to learn. They will also build family as they help each other through their struggles.


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