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Building a #ProjectLit Community

Jarred Amato | Maplewood High School | Nashville, TN

What is your project?

Project-based learning: student book ambassador training across schools and community, including student/adult book clubs.

What do you hope to accomplish with your project?

Project LIT Community is a national, grassroots literacy movement, a growing network of dedicated educators and students who work together to increase access to diverse books and spread a love of reading. Each Project LIT site is led by a passionate educator or team of educators who empower their students to plan and execute Project LIT Book Clubs that bring their community together for important, necessary conversations.

Why did you apply for the grant?


What can Sevenzo do for me?

The answer is simple: Connect. Share. Equip.

Sevenzo can help me connect with fellow educators who believe wholeheartedly in the power of reading to change lives and transform communities. My students and I started a Project LIT Community a little over a year ago, and we’re hoping that more schools will join our grassroots literacy movement.

It’s my hope that Sevenzo can help share my story, my students’ stories, and the stories of other caring, courageous classrooms across the country, so that we can continue to inspire and learn from one another.

It would also be great if Sevenzo could help us turn some of our organization’s ideas into action, and equip us with the tools and strategies needed to expand our impact, so that all students can become passionate, proficient readers.