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Flexible Seating

Amber Chandler | Frontier Middle School | Hamburg, NY

What is your project?

Our project aims to integrate PBL, SEL-focused instruction and a flexible classroom environment.

What do you hope to accomplish with your project?

The main goal of this project is to create a space where students who feel threatened by traditional school “set ups” (because of past negative school experiences) will gain confidence and begin taking academic risks. For some, doing well is the risk. I’m using this grant to buy materials to create as many student friendly stations and seating arrangements as possible, alleviating the tension so many students feel walking into an English class.

Why did you apply for the grant?

I’d like the classroom where I teach to be a safe space for students who are intimidated by the traditionally academic classroom. I want to empower students who aren’t normally the “leader” with the opportunity to mentor younger students, creating a pay-it-forward chain that will impact my school for years to come.

What can Sevenzo do for me?

Sevenzo can support me by collecting and sharing more inspirational stories about SEL in Action. I’m continually telling teachers that we must control the narrative about teaching and learning, the amazing things that are happening in our classrooms, and the needs that we have. If not us, who? Right? We must make sure that the social and emotional needs of students are being met, and this can be accomplished, in part, by forming a unified group of passionate educators who will spread the word.