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Integrating SEL into Advisory & Academics

Gina Pin & Chris Poulos | Joel Barlow High School | Redding, CT

What is your project?

Our project focuses on co-leading Reviews of Practice and professional learning offerings for ninth grade advisors to create lessons that are incorporated in the ninth grade transition program.

What do you hope to accomplish with your project?

Through our interdisciplinary team’s participation at the Anchors of Emotional Intelligence Institute for High School Educators (HSAEII), we hope to continue our exploration of how to best integrate SEL across academic disciplines at our school. The institute will provide four lead educators with the training and resources around which we hope to formalize our school’s work on SEL integration, and enable us to take the next step towards this end. Once trained, our lead teachers will be able to model SEL integration strategies and work to develop lessons that can be implemented in our advisory program.

Why did you apply for the grant?

Because we want to measure what we value.

What can Sevenzo do for me?

Sevenzo can explore ways to push me back into the fire. I think a lot about fire as the guiding principal at my high school is taken from Plutarch and credited to Yeats: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”.

When you are watching a fire, all embers are burning together on a common mission as it were to, well, burn. Pull an ember from the fire, place it on the hearth, and it will continue to burn brightly. But gradually, in not much time, the ember will begin to dull and eventually burn out. Unless someone comes along and nudges it back into the flames. Then it will join with fellow embers and burn brightly once again.

That’s what Sevenzo can do for me. Push me back into the warmth so that I can stay fired up and inspired by the relationships and the ideas shared by the journeymen and journeywomen who epitomize SELinAction.