Candace Hines

Kindergarten Teacher

Memphis Scholars Caldwell Guthrie Elementary School

Memphis, TN

Find the Spark Within Students

You’ve spent the year getting to know your students, but have you figured out what truly motivates them?

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Educator Candace Hines tried the Find the Spark Within Students practice this spring with her students. Here are the highlights!

Student in Ms. Hines’ class share that their spark is gymnastics!

After reading through the toolkit, Ms. Hines decided to introduce the concept of Sparks to her Kindergarten students as “the things I like or want to be when I grow up” that are important because “they help the teacher make learning fun.” To decide on their sparks, students split into groups for partner discussions, giving them an opportunity to talk about their answers.

After the partner discussions, Ms. Hines gave her students time to learn more about their chosen topic. Students were then given the opportunity to reflect on their sparks and draw or color their response. Ms. Hines then made connections between the skills of the professions that her students chose and their academic lessons throughout the week.

In addition to the benefit of learning more about her students, the students were able to share things about their interests that might not find a place in ordinary classroom conversations. It was a great exercise for the whole class!

Thanks so much for sharing your version of Sparks, Candace! Interested in trying Sparks with your students? Check it out here