Mitigating Black Child Trauma

By Bernita Bradley, Vivett Dukes & One Voice Blog Magazine

#SafeSpaceConvos is a Twitter chat led and hosted by teacher Vivett Dukes on alternating Mondays at 8:30pm ET. In a forum that encourages honest dialogue and connection, we come together to learn, grow, and co-construct solutions to pressing problems for students.

Bernita Bradley and the women of One Voice Blog Magazine co-hosted this particular #SafeSpaceConvos chat. Bernita is a mother of two, a long-time advocate for Detroit parents and students, and author of The Girl in the Alley. She also serves as community engagement manager for Enroll Detroit and Owner of The Village PCL. One Voice represents a group of education advocates from New York to Miami with diverse perspectives on the nation’s education of students of color, in particular black students.


Chat Highlights

Q1: Is it an educator’s responsibility to address social emotional changes they might observe in a student?


Q2: What is Black child trauma in relation to the traumas of other demographics? What, if anything, sets it apart from the rest?


Q3: What more can be done to address bullying and help youth to understand its ramifications?


Q4: Let’s discuss trust and communication.

Social workers, psychologists, counselors, mentors and others: How do you engage young people in your care? How do you get them to trust that you hear them?

Teachers: What do you do, or wish you had the autonomy to do, to help your students open up?


Q5: Parents and caregivers, when reaching out for help with your child, how do you decide on a good plan of treatment?


Q6: If you have experience with seeking help for depression—either for yourself, a child in your care, or a loved one—what is one thing you would share with others who might need support?


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