Black History Life

By Vivett Dukes & Isis Spann, #SafeSpaceConvos

#SafeSpaceConvos is a Twitter chat hosted by teacher, writer, and advocate Vivett Dukes with Sevenzo’s support. In a forum that encourages honest dialogue and connection, we come together to learn, grow, and co-construct solutions to pressing problems for students.

This two-part conversation on black history life was co-hosted by Isis Spann, former public school teacher and FUNdamentals of Learning owners and educational coach. Through her parental engagement workshops, she helps families realize they can advocate for and teach their children. Check out her 5 Tips in 5 Minutes series and more tutorials on her YouTube channel.


Chat Highlights: Part 1, February 10, 2020

Q1. How do we get teaching black history to be a MUST in the public school setting?


Q2. Who’s your LIVING black hero?


Q3. What are you doing to make sure the sacrifices of your ancestors were not in vain?


Q4. Why is important to learn about black history?


Q5. What advice would you give to a 5 year old about making the world a better place?


Q6. Has there ever been a situation in life That you’ve faced that  probably wouldn’t have been a challenge if you were white.


Q7. What role do HBCUs play in the black experience?


Chat Highlights: Part 2, February 24, 2020

Q1. Year-round, how can you make sure that black history is not just a hashtag?


Q2. What books or authors are a must read for young black children?


Q3. If you identify as black, what special talent do you have and where do you live? Let’s connect with others and change the narrative on black unity.


Q4. To all parents, what did you do this month to teach your children about black history?


Q5. Forbes magazine has predicted by 2050 black people will have a median wealth of zero. We will simply live paycheck to paycheck. What are your thoughts on this?


Q6. As we move into the month of March, how do we continue to be black and proud? How do we continue to celebrate black history life?


Q7. What’s one question every black person should ask school leaders in their city, town or region?


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You’re invited to join the next chat on Monday, March 9, 2020 at 8:30pm ET. You can also read through these archived chats for insights and resources from your peers.