#ECET2 Caring Classroom Twitter Chat

By Ciji Thurman

A #CaringClassroom chat with the #ECET2 community, hosted by Ciji Thurman


Q1: What does a #CaringClassroom mean to you? Why does it matter for students? #ECET2

Q2: What are some everyday habits for getting to know your students and building relationships? #ECET2

Q3: How do you create a learning environment that values diversity and inclusion? Share one thing you do or would like to try. #ECET2

Q4: How can students be a part of creating a #CaringClassroom environment where everyone feels they belong? #ECET2

Q5: Shout out! Who do you admire for how they create their own caring classrooms, and why? Tag them here. #ECET2

Q6: What changes have you made to the physical space in your classroom or school to make it a place where kids want to be and learn? #ECET2

Q7: What are some ideas and strategies for creating a more #CaringClassroom in these final weeks of the school year? Let’s finish strong! #ECET2

Q8: What types of resources do you wish you had to create a more #CaringClassroom? #ECET2

Q9: What is one intention you have for creating a more #CaringClassroom? Name one thing you will do. #ECET2


From the community | What is a caring classroom?

From the community | Ways to create a caring classroom:

Thanks for all you do to create a caring classroom for your students. Check out these additional resources below from the Sevenzo community.