Educators in Action

By Adam Welcome

Are you ready to take action to give kids the caring learning environment they deserve?

Join Adam Welcome of Kids Deserve It in an open, small group conversation via Google Hangout on Wednesday, November 15 at 8-9pm Eastern. Kids Deserve It is a place for passionate educators who do whatever it takes for kids. In partnership with the Caring Classroom campaign, Adam will lead a discussion on actions any educator can take to create a more caring environment for kids.

The Educators In Action series will feature casual, open conversations between educators about topics that matter most to them. They are a safe space to be honest about challenges and to co-create solutions. Special guest moderators to follow include Michael Bonner (@MichaelBonner_), Mandy Ellis (@mandyeellis), Leslie Kinard (@lmkinard), Laura Andrews (@lala_andrews1) and more. Anyone is welcome to join, listen in, and share ideas!

About Adam

Adam Welcome is the Director of Innovation & Technology in Mt. Diablo Unified School District. He is a marathon runner, a workshop fan, and a husband and father to two children. He serves on the Remind Advisory Board and is the ASCA Principal of the Year. Adam is also the co-host of the podcast series “Kids Deserve It.”


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