Girl Power: The Mis-Education of Our Girls

By Vivett Dukes & Lakisha Odlum

#SafeSpaceConvos is a Twitter chat led and hosted by teacher, writer, and advocate Vivett Dukes on alternating Mondays at 8:30pm ET. In a forum that encourages honest dialogue and connection, we come together to learn, grow, and co-construct solutions to pressing problems for students.

We are grateful to Lakisha Odlum for co-hosting on October 21, 2019. Lakisha is a middle school Humanities teacher in New York City. She has been an educator for 15 years, across all grade levels. She is passionate about critical pedagogy, and enjoys creating meaningful learning opportunities for all students.


Chat Highlights

Q1: What are some misconceptions about Black girls in educational spaces? 


Q2: In what ways does education NOT meet the needs of our Black girls? 


Q3: How are societal expectations about how Black girls should “conduct themselves” in educational spaces problematic for their growth and development? 


Q4: What have you witnessed where the over-policing of Black girls in our schools is concerned?


Q5: What programs does your school currently have to specifically support Black girls? 


Q6: As ELA teachers, it’s easy for us to create curriculum that represents Black girls. How can teachers of other content areas do this? What does this work look like? 


Q7: What is built into your curriculum that speaks directly to the various experiences of Black girlhood? 


Q8: What are some ways schools can encourage Black girls to get involved in fields where they are currently under-represented?


Q9: What are some academic resources that can support teachers in doing this work? 



Q10: What steps will you commit to taking to better address the needs of Black girls?


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