Person-First Language

By Zachary Wright & Vivett Dukes

#SafeSpaceConvos is a Twitter chat led and hosted by teacher, writer, and advocate Vivett Dukes on alternating Mondays at 8:30pm ET. In a forum that encourages honest dialogue and connection, we come together to learn, grow, and co-construct solutions to pressing problems for students.

This particular chat was co-hosted by Zachary Wright. Zachary is an award winning teacher of more than ten years, and currently is an Assistant Professor at Relay Graduate School supporting first year teachers in Philadelphia & Camden. He is a regular contributor to Education Post. He is the father of a son with Autism.


Chat Highlights

Q1: How does your community engage with and support students/people with special needs? What works? What does not?


Q2: What can be done to support families going through the process of receiving and/or advocating for diagnoses and IEPs for their loved ones?


Q3: What cultural impediments need to be overcome to support students/people with special needs and their families?


Q4: How does media promote derogatory language and problematic thinking that leads to isolation and othering?


Q5: Are people with intellectual disabilities that different from the rest of us? How much do you know about people with intellectual disabilities from a first-hand perspective?


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You’re invited to join the next chat on Monday, April 1, 2019 at 8:30pm ET. You can also read through these archived chats for insights and resources from your peers.