Hidden Among Us: Students with an Incarcerated Parent

By Vivett Dukes & Juli-Anne Benjamin

#SafeSpaceConvos is a new Twitter chat led by teacher Vivett Dukes as part of the Caring Classroom movement. These authentic conversations in education take place on alternating Mondays at 8:30pm. Will you join the conversation? 

This week’s cohost was Juli-Anne Benjamin a New Jersey educator.


Q1: How might your implicit biases affect your ability to create a #CaringClassroom for a student with an incarcerated parent?

Q2: Have you ever had a student in your classroom with an incarcerated parent? How did you acquire that information?

Q3: How involved are you & the teachers in your school with guidance counselors and/or social workers?

Q4: Are there other groups of student outliers who would benefit from transforming your classroom into a safe space? Who are they?

Q5: What systems, if any do schools have in place to identify and support students with and incarcerated parent?

Q6: What can school communities do to bring in parents who may feel overwhelmed & under supported?

Q7: How can we support the SE needs of students with an incarcerated parent via an academic lens?

Q8: What obstacles (internally or externally) are preventing you from supporting students with incarcerated parents in your classroom?


For more information and resources regarding this topic, check out this slide deck from Vivett’s #SxSWED presentation.

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