School Walkout: Responses to Student Protest

By Vivett Dukes & Anthony Cinelli

#SafeSpaceConvos is a Twitter chat led by teacher Vivett Dukes as part of the Caring Classroom movement. These authentic conversations in education take place on alternating Mondays at 8:30pm. Will you join the conversation? 

This week’s cohost was Anthony Cinelli a school counselor and baseball coach in suburban NJ. His work in mental health and in education is framed through a multicultural and systemic lens. He advises a Diversity Club at his predominately white school and hopes to instill a sense of love, compassion, and justice in his students.


Q1: How does creating a safe space in the classroom help students with their quest to be social activists?

Q2: How does your school handle student activism?

Q3: How can we (as a teacher) incorporate & support civically minded students?

Q4: How have you or your school handled deflections to make this issue about bullying or mental health?

Q5: Why has it been so important that the students who have led this movement aligned themselves with other students of color across the country?

Q6: What can we do to keep the conversation and the movement going as the initial fireworks start to fizzle out and everyone falls back into their normal routines?



Q 2:




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