How-to Series on Peer Mentoring

By Vae Champagne, Melissa Gentile, Jaime MacEwan and Jessica Williams

An Educator Workshop on Peer Mentoring 

Everyone wins when students have the opportunity to lead learning and mentor their younger peers. This spring, four high school educators from the #SELinAction community with a shared passion for peer mentoring came together to talk about peer mentoring in their schools, and decided they’ve learned so much it was time so share it! They pulled together resources, swapped best practices, and involved students in the planning of two sessions aimed at capturing and sharing their learning about peer mentoring with their students.

Read on to learn more about the educators, their students, and view the sessions and resources they thoughtfully put together to help any teacher get started and keep going!

Session 1: Getting Started with Student-to-Student Mentoring

Educators Vae Champagne and Melissa Gentile of Central High School in Bridgeport, CT led a discussion about getting started with peer mentoring. Both educators have experience leading peer mentoring programs in their school and the recording and presentation below is packed with resources and strategies for starting a program or trying out a peer mentoring strategy in your school. View the recording below!

Session 2: How Does Peer Mentoring Impact Students?

Educators Jaime MacEwan and Matthew Lawrence of Cumberland Regional High School, MD and Jessica Williams of South Anchorage High School, AK facilitated this session on what makes a student peer mentoring program successful alongside their students! They have experience leading peer mentoring programs in their schools and districts and shared their lessons learned and many resources to help those new to peer mentoring get started. Anyone interested in setting up their own peer mentoring program or strengthening an existing program is encouraged to watch the presentations below!

For a copy of the slide presentations, with links to resources, please email–we’re happy to share!