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What educators are saying about the Sevenzo community

It’s like your very own PLN, your own little online family. I may not know the person behind the screen, but I know that they’re still with me here. You don’t feel like you’re going to be criticized for being different. It’s embraced.”

Ciji Thurman, 4th Grade Teacher at Rineyville Elementary, KY

 “I’m not alone. There are other people who care, and we can do something.”

Ann Rose Santoro, Instructional Coach at Port Chester School District, NY

“I’ve been operating on an island my whole career. I found my tribe. Our teachers are thriving for that.”

Faith Stroud, Principal, Robert Frost Academy, KY

“Teachers love to share ideas, especially when those ideas better the lives and learning of our students. My experience is now radically changing the culture of our school and all of our students in it.

Ashley Lamb-Sinclair, Instructional Coach, Oldham County Schools, KY

We strive to make our community an inclusive and inspiring place for all educators.

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