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Teach our FUTURE for the FUTURE!

The challenge that affects me the most is the idea that educators are teaching our 21st learners as they were taught. By doing this, there is a huge disservice being paid. Our students are our future and should be taught as such. Our days should not be filled with reading from a textbook or completing worksheets quietly. Where is the FIRE? Where is the PASSION. Educators teach/live in fear of the administration. Administrators work/live in fear of the Superintendent. The Superintendent works/live in fear of the school board....and the chain moves on. But, I can't help but ask, when are we going to fear NOT doing what is best for our kids

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Encouraging Floor

I encourage questions, comments, concerns in my classroom. I tell my students that I am here to make them think, not tell them how to think. For this very reason, when a student has a hard time expressing their thoughts, or are too shy, all I have to say is...."class, I think we need some encouragement." At that time the students chant and cheer on their classmates while I quietly feed them words of encouragement and how much their words have an impact. When I finish I help the student onto a chair, desk, or table and allow them to have the floor. The light in their eyes and the smile on their faces speaks volumes. They feel strong, empowered, but most importantly they feel like they belong....special

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Super Newton

In the school in which I "play" there is an educator by the name of Nick Newton. Not only is he always there to give ideas, suggestions, and just a kind word, he is THE BEST low incidence teacher I have ever met. The things that he does with his students, his high expectations, and the way he interacts with them is absolutely amazing! There aren't words that can express how awesome this guy is! He is my teacher of the year!!!!

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