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Making myself as a teacher known. I teach a special class, but by leading extracurriculars and learning gen ed students names it promotes inquiry into my classroom and students. Second, we push out into gen ed classes for inclusion and exposure both way for gen ed students to see and value those that are different.


What goes around...

Since she called me out, I'm calling out Ciji Thurman @RineyvilleElem She's out 4th grade science teacher and apart form being dressed to the 9s every day, she's creative and sincere. Her class runs on project based learning and students are almost always in a group collaborating, critiquing. She's also made it a point to share out what they're doing in class so the building can congratulate and recognize students.

Also shouting out, S. Lucas our principal who drives the expectation to make all students feel wanted. We have large military and low income groups of Ss and she stays current on new families, people that have moved and the needs of all Ss.

Kaelin Mills, Jaime Blanc, Courtney Howard and MANY others spring to mind as teachers that genuinely show their care and affection for students, even the ones not in their rooms. The make every student feel apart of something bigger and are popular with Ss because of it.

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tT really takes preplanning to consider every student. Being mindful of your kids that aren't always naturally included. Think about your students that are low cognitively, with behavior needs, that are withdrawn...think of them explicitly and test if your plan or activity allows for meaningful participation and not spectatorship.

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2 simple things

The first thing is to truly love your Ss. Your every action in your building is centered around your love for them and helping them find who they are in relation to society, content, each other, and within their self.

The second thing is to have a positive attitude. Many students are inundated with negativity from news, social media, each other, parents, society...we need to be the change. We need to be the smile, even when it's hard. We may never realize how our complaining after school leads to our actions during school. Positive attitudes, flexibility, innovation in ourselves as teachers foster the same in Ss.

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