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Shawna Coppola

Rollinsford Grade School

I have been an educator for over sixteen years and am always learning and growing!


Find time to engage in classroom conversations around equity, diversity, & social justice

Often, when we talk about engaging in tough conversations with students--specifically regarding issues around equity, diversity, and social justice--a common refrain I hear from teachers is that it can be difficult to "find the time." While I understand the demands that pre-determined curricula have on our time with students, I believe whole-heartedly that we find time for what we value most. If we truly value engaging in these difficult conversations and deeply exploring issues like these with our students, we would be able to find the time to embed them within our classroom, no matter what subject we teach. So how might we do this? In what ways can we "find the time" to have these incredibly valuable--and I would argue, absolutely necessary--conversations with students?

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